About the Library

The Library of Archbishop Ieronymos II is housed in a modern and well equipped building in the center of Oinofyta (Viotia – Greece). The aim of the Library is to provide a friendly and pleasant environment where every one has the opportunity to study and search for a large range of scientific and other information. The library has a reading room and is aimed at scholars, researchers and all those who love and appreciate culture, education and books. It is the only library in the wider area of the Tanagra municipality, serving a population of more than 25.000 people.

themeliaThe library as an institution was founded in October 2012 by Archbishop Ieronymos II. The process of classification and archival of printed and digital material that belongs to the Archbishop started at the same time with the collection, conservation and enhancement of rare and precious material in any form (printed or electronic).
At the same time contacts with institutions of the local community are made, in order to explore the educational and cultural needs that the Library could fill.
Our goal is that the Library is not only a space for study and storage of printed material, but instead becomes a focal point for the exchange of culture, a point of communication and social intercourse. Of course, the library will always be a place for study providing the means for personal study and reflection.

The mission of the Library is:

  • The collection, conservation and enhancement of rare and precious material in any form, as well as continuous enhancement and improvement of the services provided.
  • The development of cooperation with other libraries, organizations and institutions in order to achieve complete coverage of user needs, by joint acquisitions and rational management of the available financial resources,
  • To foster environmental ethics, teach values, develop the collective consciousness, initiatives and actions to improve the environment. To develop respect for nature, referring to a humanistic approach and treatment of nature.
  • Contribute in innovation in the field of libraries.
  • The configuration of suitable space and environment (physical – electronic) capable to host educational and research activities.
  • The continuous monitoring and evaluation of services.
  • The organization of the material based on the latest developments and standards of library science and the continuing integration of new technologies and ,methods for the provision of services.
  • The training of users in management and full use of the services provided.
  • The design and provision of ‘lifelong education’ and training for library staff and users.
  • The acquisition through purchases and/or donations of books, material and technical equipment.
  • The provision of services adapted to Persons with Disabilities.

Today the library owns more than 7,000 books. The classification is in accordance with the internationally accepted DEWEY Decimal Classification System. More specifically, the Library has books of the following categories:

  • General Books: encyclopedias, collections of articles and similar projects.
  • Philosophy and related disciplines: Books on philosophy, psychology and ethics.
  • Religion: Books for religions.
  • Social Sciences: Books for politics, economics, law, sociology, education, commerce, folklore.
  • Language: Books on Greek and other languages, grammars.
  • Natural Sciences: Books on mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology, biology.
  • Applied Sciences: Books on medicine, engineering, agriculture, business administration, technology.
  • Arts: Books on art, architecture, photography, music, theater, sports and similar
  • Literature: Greek and foreign language literature books.
  • History and Geography: Books on geography, history, archeology.
  • Magazines.

inside2The library hosts the personal books of Archbishop Ieronymos II. In addition, the new books are procured continuously..
There is a variety of books on local (Viotia, Avlida) history, tradition and folklore. Also the reader will encounter numerous albums of places in Greece and abroad. Besides the book materials, the library has numerous titles of magazines and newspapers, discs, slides, videos, etc.

The cataloging of 7.000+ library books has been completed using the Koha open-source Integrated Library Software (ILS). The project included the installation of version 3.2 of Koha, configuration of the system and MARC21 based on the needs of the library and the training of users in use of Koha subsystems.

The Library, in the framework of its activities and in order to approach children and to improve their relationship with books, conducts a series of educational programs and various awareness events. The Library designs and implements continuous education and employment programs. Flexible and attractive, in terms of the needs of adults, that combine fun with experiential learning.


All the programs implemented in the Library, are characterized by the value of equal opportunities for all citizens regardless of age, gender and nation. The Library aims to prepare all citizens in the information society by keeping the elements of our cultural and national heritage.
Most of the activities organized and implemented by the Library are offered free of charge. These include:

  • Robotics Laboratory for schoolchildren
  • Iconography Lessons
  • Educational printing workshop for children
  • Seminars in Astrophysics – Astronomy
  • First Aid Seminars
  • Group Reading and Support for young people and adolescents
  • Cinema and theater events
  • Painting exhibitions
  • Book Exhibitions
  • Floriculture Exhibitions
  • Photography exhibitions